Red HM
(Siamimbellis, Thailand)
Red trad. PK
(Daniella Vereeken, Belgium)
    Sire(s): Red SD
F1, BT060507
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
X Dame(s): Red SD
F1, BT060507
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

This spawn has 2 Sire(s) and 3 Dame(s). All are longfinned SDs (carrying PK) and have an intense red color with minimal red wash.
The offspring (F2) will be all red with a chance of both long- as shortfinned fish. There is a good chance some HMs pop-up!


30/07/07: This was a true surprise, when I returned home from an 8-day holiday! 2 red SD males and 3 red SD females (~2,5 month of age) were still in a 60x30x30 cm grow-out tank when I found 2 nests with fry hanging there and several fry already swimming around in the free-swimming stage. Both males took care of nests  about 20 cm apart from each other spawning the three females which swam around in the tank.
31/07/07:decided to transfer the free-swimming fry to a small tank floating in a bigger one. This has the advantage that the fry has a good access to the food and they are easy to clean. The fry is feeding well on newly hatched BBS/artemia. This day, I even witnessed another spawning:


01/07/07: Today the eggs of the last spawn hatched and the nest is full of fry (see picture below).




03/07/07: The fry entered the free-swimming stage, removed the Sire.


12/07/07: The fry is feeding well on artemia. Made some pictures of the fry from the side (left) and above (right):



01/09/07: The fry is growing very well and the biggest fry already show an intense red color in their finnage:


17/10/07: Time for an update after a busy time because of work! The youngsters about 3 months old and developed great in Belgium under the loving care of Daniella and Patrick ( Besides red also some orange colored fish popped-up. Most of them seem to become longfinned fish but there are a few which might be shortfinned. Below you can see a picture of the biggest male from this spawn showing quite a big anal and dorsal but still a very short he a PK? Time will tell. The right picture shows some females in the grow-out:


30/10/07: Today I jarred a male which almost certain is a PK male (left picture), I also made a picture of a longfinned fish from this spawn:


11/11/07: A picture of the male earlier posted with the short caudal. It seems he really is a PK because he is still shortfinned. His anal is a bit too long but I love the shape of his dorsal and caudal. The color is also really red!


06/04/08: Managed to spawn the male from above with the only female I had left from this spawn. Both fish have a great full body size with a good deep intense red color. Here a picture of the female few days after spawning (BT030408):

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