Copper/gold oHM
(Siamimbellis, Thailand)
Metallic blue SD
(Magicbetta, Germany)
Sire: Blue marble HM plakat

(Ploybettas, Thailand)
Dame: Platinum white SD
F1, BT040904
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The sire is a nice HM plakat showing an interesting marble pattern, he now changed to a mainly blue fish with some with clothes on the body and fins.
This pair is an outcross in order to set up a parallel line with plakat genes and to introduce the marble genes into my line. This pair could produce some nice offspring (F1) with some great finnage because of fantastic ray-splitting of both sire and dame. This pair will probably produce metallics
with a possible marble pattern. Probably most fish will be long-finned but there is a chance some plakats will pop-up.


30/01/05: Pair spawned leaving a nice nest full with eggs.


31/01/05: Fry hatched. Looks like there are many fry.
02/02/05: Fry in free-swimming stage. Removed male.
03/02/05: Power failure, temperature dropped a few degrees!
07/02/05: Looks like I lost most of the fry, probably the temperature drop was fatal in these early stage of development.
16/02/05: Looks like only 3 fry survived.
20/02/05: After all the troubles in the beginning the 3 fry are doing fine and growing well on artemia. I succeeded to make two, bit blurry, pictures of two of them.


09/03/05: Only 1 fry left. This one is moved to the grow-out tank with the platinum fry of BT220105B. This youngster is now developing a blue sheen.
13/03/05: Succeeded to make a picture of sole survivor of this spawn:


03/04/05: I put this sole surviver together with his brothers and sisters of a later spawn: BT200205

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