Melano HM PK
(Maximus, Thailand)




Steel blue PK
(Maximus, Thailand)

Copper/gold HM PK

(Unknown, Indonesia)
Black lace marble PK

(Lyon Goh, Singapore)
Copper melano mask

(Somchai Satumanatpan, Thailand)
Dame: Black lace marble PK
(Lyon Goh, Singapore)

The Sire ("Max") is great colored copper melano mask HM plakat with nice finnage. The female is black lace marble with a metallic influence. Her background is really impressive and there is a good chance she is also melano carrier as her grandfather was a melano.
The offspring (F1) will be short-finned and there is a good chance of HM PKs. The color of the fry will be a bit of a surprise but there is a chance some copper melano blacks pop-up. If this is the case this will be the first blacks bred by the Betta Territory!

The sire is also father of: BT230406


27/09/06: The pair spawned succesfully!
28/09/06: The eggs hatched, seems like a big spawn. The sire is doing a great job.
30/09/06: Fry in free-swimming stage. Removed the Sire.
02/10/06: The fry is feeding well on microworms and artemia.
18/10/06: Divided the fry over 2 grow-outs.
02/11/06: The fry is developing slow but steady.
08/11/06: The fry is now feeding well on tubifex and artemia. Some iridescence starts to appear but no sign of black yet.....Made some pictures of the 6 week old fry:

    12/11/06: Made some new that a potential black fry there on the right picture?    

25/11/06: Betta Territory presents.......................the first Betta Territory Blacks!!


26/11/06: Made some more pictures:


17/12/06: Here some pictures of an intense colored black male from this spawn with (left) and without (right) flash.


06/01/07: A picture of the two copper melano HM PK males showing a great color and finnage potential:

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