Metallic steel blue HM PK

(Betta Territory, NL)
Black lace HM PK

Donny Adriaens, Belgium)
Steel blue HM PK
(Aquastar71, Thailand)
Steel Steel blue HM PK
(Aquastar71, Thailand)
Sire: Royal blue mask HM PK
F1, BT150508
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Steel blue mask HM PK
(Christian Filbig, Germany)

The Sire is a non-metallic royal blue mask with a very good bodyshape and balanced finnage. The Dame is a steel blue mask with a nice broad dorsal. The line of the Dame based on a pair from Aquastar71 (Thailand). With this cross I hope to fix/impove the masking and dorsal. 
he offspring (F1) will be HM PK. Because of the broad-dorsals of both parents, there is a chance of DTPKs to pop-up. The offspring probably will be non-metallic royal blue or steel blue mask.

The Sire is also father of: BT161208 & BT200209C


27/04/09: The pair spawned!
28/04/09: The fry hatched.
30/04/09: Fry in the free-swimming stage. The Sire was removed.
05/05/09: The fry is now 1 week old and feeding well on artemia/BBS.


17/05/09: The fry is now 3 weeks old! There are several DTs among the fry.


03/07/09: Although these fry had a bit of a slow start, at 10 weeks they now seem to develop nicely!


21/07/09: The fry are now 12 weeks old.


15/08/09: Jarred the first young males now 16 weeks old. I really like the full bodies of the fish!


06/10/09: Update on two males now 23 weeks old:


03/12/09: Update on two males which are now 31 weeks old:


13/02/10: One male of this spawn was send to the 14th EHBBC Show in Hannover, Germany. He won a prize in his showclass:
3rd Asymmetrical Show PK class - All colors

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