Sire: Copper/gold oHM
(Siamimbellis, Thailand)
Dame: Copper/gold SD

(Siamimbellis, Thailand)

This pair could produce some nice offspring (F1) with some great finnage because of fantastic ray-splitting of both sire and dame. According to Sarawut Angkunanuwat (Siamimbellis), this pair can produce copper/golds and platinum whites.

The Dame is also mother of spawn BT240404.


26/03/04: Pair spawned, eggs in the nest!
28/03/04: Eggs hatched! Looks like a small spawn but the sire is taking care very well.
30/03/04: Removed male, only a few fry left.
31/03/04: See only 4-5 fry, feeding on artemia, hope they will survive!
10/04/04: There are more fry then I thought.....about 10 left! There are dark and light colored fry (copper/golds and platinum???)
14/04/04: Fry now about 2 weeks old! Made some pictures........


01/05/04: Fry are developing really good! Colors are Copper/gold and Platinum!

    20/06/04: Youngsters are now 12,5 weeks old. Some of the young coppers are even showing mask features!


25/06/04: Looks like there are also some plakats in this spawn.


06/07/04: I finally managed to make a few pictures of my white platinum SD male!!


13/07/04: A close up of my white platinum female. Look at her magnificent ray-splitting!!
14/07/04: Found another platinum male in this spawn. This male is the slowest developing of the intire spawn but is quite promising I think....


30/07/04: One of the plakat males now 18 weeks old.


25/09/04: Five fish of this spawn went to the 2nd EHBBC show in Schauenburg-Hoof, Germany:
- Platinum white SD male: 5th Iridescent HM male class (see picture below).
- Copper/gold HM male: 7th HM Iridescent HM male class (see picture below).
- Copper/gold plakat: 8th Plakat dark body male class.
- Platinum white female: 9th Light bodied female class.
- Copper/gold plakat male: 11th Plakat dark body class.

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