Metallic blue
(Betta Territory, NL)
Metallic blue
(Betta Territory, NL)
Sire: Royal blue HM PK

(Preecha Ammara, Thailand)
Dame: Copper PK
F2, BT17107B
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire is big-bodied (non-metallic) royal blue HM PK. Although he seems pretty old he is still quite vital. The Dame is a copper with a nice parallel anal. With this cross I hope to improve the dorsal in the offspring.
The offspring (F1) will be HM PK. Colorwise the outcome of this spawn should theoretically be as follows:

50% Heterozygous metallic royal blue (Blbl +nm)
50% Heterozygous metallic steel blue (blbl +nm)


25/07/08: Pair spawned.


26/07/08: Looks like ~30-40 fry have hatched.
29/07/08: The youngsters are in the free-swimming. The Sire was removed.
01/08/08: The fry is feeding well on artemia/BBS. 
07/08/08: The fry is now 1,5 weeks old:


11/08/08: The fry is now 2,5 weeks old and growing nicely.


18/08/08: Update on the 3,5 week old fry.


28/08/08: Moved the fry to a bigger growout. I already see some nice broad-based dorsals!!
01/09/08: The fry is feeding well on tubifex and BBS. Made a new picture:


25/09/08: The fry is now 9 weeks old and developing very fast. Although most offspring are royal blue or steel based I also found some melano offspring in the grow-out. This week I had to jar the first two males which show a great potential:


12/10/08: The fish of this spawn are now 11,5 weeks old and are developing in an amazing set of fish! I totally love their dorsals. This week I jarred several young melano males. Here some pictures:


28/10/08: An update on two promising melano males from this spawn now 13.5 weeks old!


07/11/08: Some new pictures of 4 males now 15 weeks old:


21/11/08: Update on the 4 fish I posted 2 weeks ago:


09/02/09: Three male from this spawn were send to the 12th EHBBC show in Hannover, Germany and won a price:
2nd place AOC Symmetrical show PK class


16/02/09: Two potential breeders with nice broad-based dorsals:

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