Sire: Copper/gold oHM
(Siamimbellis, Thailand)
Dame: Copper/gold SD

(Siamimbellis, Thailand)

This pair could produce some nice offspring (F1) with some great finnage because of fantastic ray-splitting of both sire and dame. According to Sarawut Angkunanuwat (Siamimbellis), this pair can produce copper/golds and platinum whites.

The Sire is also father of spawn BT040904.
The Dame is also mother of spawn BT260304.


24/04/04: Pair spawned, eggs in the nest!
25/04/04: Eggs hatched! Looks pretty big spawn.
27/04/04: Fry in free swimming stage. Removed male.
01/05/04: Fry is feeding on artemia.
20/06/04: After 8 weeks, still about 20-25 fry (rough estimation). The are growing slowly but steady.


11/07/04: Fry is now 11 weeks and developing fast!


13/07/04: Seperated the first two males.



30/07/04: Fry now 14 weeks old, here two of the young males with nice potential.  


11/08/04: Made pictures of 2 females of this spawn now 16 weeks old. Both are copper/gold HM, unfortunately I couldn't get the 180 degree spreading on the picture. The females show exceptionally good ray-splitting and straight edges. The picture on the right was made with a flash.


15/09/04: I made some new pictures of the "females" from the previous pictures. Guess what...........they turned out to be males.


16/09/04: Also made some pictures of two females.


25/09/04: Two fish of this spawn went to the EHBBC show:
- Copper/gold HM male: 4th HM iridescent color class (see picture below).
- Copper/gold plakat HM male: 4th Plakat dark body class (see picture below).


21/10/04: Made some new pictures of the two males I selected from this spawns as breeders! With a special thanks to Eelzuhtjuh (Ilse) for making these pictures with her Canon EOS 300D.

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