Melano HM PK
(Maximus, Thailand)


Steel blue PK
(Maximus, Thailand)

Royal blue HM PK

(Stingrays, Singapore)
Copper/gold PK

(Betta Territory, NL)
Copper melano mask

(Somchai Satumanatpan, Thailand)
Dame: Metallic royal blue HM PK
F1, BT051105B
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire ("Max") is great colored copper melano mask HM plakat with nice finnage. With this fish I will try to introduce the melano trait into my lines. The dame is a metallic royal blue HM PK female (Blbl +nm) with good strong raysplitting and sharp edges. 
The offspring (F1) will be short-finned and there is a good chance of HM PKs and maybe even DTs. The color of the fry will be a bit of a surprise as the background of the male is not known but all youngsters will be carrier of melano black.

The Sire is also father of: BT270906A and BT111106B.


23/04/06: Pair spawned. The Dame was a bit damaged but is recovering well.

24/04/06: The eggs hatched. The Sire doing an excellent job!
26/04/06: Fry in free-swimming stage. Removed the sire.


18/06/06: The youngsters are now 8 weeks old. They had a bit of a slow start but seem to develop nicely now.  The colors are metallic blue and copper.


26/06/06: Jarred the first to males of this spawn! Both males show a great HM PK potential.


14/07/06: The fry is now 12 weeks old. I jarred several young males with a nice potential. The females also show very good finnage and several make it to 180 degrees!


07/08/06: Found a very nice copper/gold HM male which could qualify as a future breeder.


12/08/06: Some females of this spawn:


15/09/06: A stunning copper/gold HM PK female which might make it as a breeder female.

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