Metallic blue
(Betta Territory, NL)
Metallic blue HM PK
(Betta Territory, NL)

Steel blue PK

(Niwit, Thailand)

Blue PK
(Niwit, Thailand)
Sire: Metallic steel blue mask HM PK
F2, BT17107B
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Steel blue/red HM PK

(Niwit Liwiwattanagoon, Thailand)

The Sire is a metallic steel blue mask with great finnage: the caudal shows a good spread, branching and sharp edges; the dorsal has a good shape with a broad base;  The anal fin is nicely sloped towards a point and the ventrals have a great shape and volume. The female was bred by Niwit Liwiwattanagoon from Thailand. She might be carrying the metallic gene. This female was purchased at the NBC show in Dunkerque, France because of her impressive broad 14-ray dorsal! I hope to fix this trait will be passed to the offspring.
The offspring (F1) will be HM PK. The colors will probably range from (metallic) steel blue with a possibility of some red wash popping up.


22/08/08: Pair spawned. A big amount of eggs are clustered in the bubblenest.


23/08/08: The male ate most of the eggs probably because they were not fertilized. About 15-20 fry seem to have hatched.
25/08/08: The youngsters are in the free-swimming stage. The Sire was removed.
26/08/08: The fry is feeding well on artemia/BBS.
01/09/08: The fry is growing nicely on BBS. I discovered even a few DTs among the fry!!!



09/09/08: A more clear picture of one of the DT fry:


12/10/08: The fry is now 7,5 weeks old. Here a picture of two DTs of this spawn:


29/10/08: The youngsters are now about 10 weeks old and this week I jarred the first males of this spawn. Here two pictures of a DT and a ST of this spawn. The doubletails in this spawn are not perfect as their caudal lobes are not completely equal. They do have a nice potential to work with though! The singletails show a very good broad dorsal. Let's see how they will develop further.


04/11/08: Found another promising young male:


07/11/08: Two more recently jarred males:


21/11/08: Two more! The marble on the left shows a very interesting colorpattern and the right fish was just jarred last week but seems to show a nice potential.


09/02/09: Four males and two females from this spawn were send to the 12th EHBBC show in Hannover, Germany and won a price:
1st place Female DT class
2nd place Female DT class
2nd place Solid color asymmetrical show PK class
1st place Form and Finnage - DT PK class
2nd place Form and Finnage - DT PK class


16/02/09: A potential breeder female with nice broad-based dorsal:

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