Copper/gold HM
(Betta Territory, NL)
Metallic blue SD
(Betta Territory, NL)

Blue marble HM plakat
(Ploybettas, Thailand)

Platinum white SD
(Betta Territory)
Sire: Platinum white oHM PK
F1, BT220105A
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Metallic blue SD
F1, BT200205
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire is vital platinum white (4-ray) HM plakat with impressive long and broad ventrals which popped up in one of my longfinned spawns. The dame is a metallic blue SD (showing some masking) which is carrying both plakat as marble genes. This combination should be the start of my plakat line and is actually brings three different (thai) bloodlines together.
The offspring (F1) probably will be short-finned but there is a chance some long-finned fish will pop-up. The color of the fry can be metallic blue, platinum white, copper/gold maybe with some degree of marbling showing up as they get older.


21/05/05: Pair spawned. The male has build a wonderfull nest underneath
the styrofoam and is guarding the eggs very well!
22/05/05: The eggs hatched. The sire is taking excellent care of them.
24/05/05: Fry in the free-swimming stage, the father is removed.
25/05/05: The fry is already feeding very well on artemia/BBS.
30/05/05: The fry is one week old now and growing very well on artemia/BBS. I made a picture of one of the fry!


12/06/05: There are at least 30+ which are growing very well. Most of the fry seems lightbodied (platinum?) but there are also some fry with more pigment present. There are also some DTs in this spawn but it looks like their lobes are very unequally distributed.
21/06/05: Moved the fry to a bigger tank. There are at least 50 fry left.
25/06/05: The fry is growing very well on BBS/artemia and is starting to show color. There are many platinum whites but it seems that there are also some copper/golds and metallic blues.


12/07/05: The fry is now developing fast on a diet of tubifex, bloodworms and artemia. The nest has been split over two tanks (~40 fry left).


17/07/05: Jarred the first 7 males!


05/08/05: Made some pictures of some males and femaler from this spawn!


12/08/05: Two more promising males!


14/08/05: Today I was able to borrow my fathers camera (Cannon Ixus 700) to make some great pictures!!


22/08/05: Found an incredible metallic blue HM PK female. Her ventrals are a bit short due to damage but the rest of the finnage is awsome!


25/09/05: Time for an update! Here some pictures of two pairs I have selected for the next generation:


09/10/05: 11 fish of this spawn were send to the 4th EHBBC show in Duisburg, Germany:

Copper/gold HM PK male
1st place PK male Iridescent class (PK1)

Platinum pastell HM PK male
1st place PK male Multi class (PK3)
Reserve Best of show male

- Metallic blue HM PK male - 2nd place PK male Iridescent class (PK1)
- Copper/gold PK female - 2rd place female Iridescent class (Fem1)
- Platinum white PK female - 3rd place female Non-Iridescent class (Fem3)
- Copper/gold HM PK male - 4th place PK male Iridescent class (PK1)
- Metallic blue HM PK male - 7th place PK male Iridescent class (PK1)
- Platinum pastel HM PK males - 4th, 15th and 28th place PK male Multi class (PK3)
- Platinum white PK female - 7th place female Non-Iridescent class (Fem3)


10/04/05: 1 fish of this spawn were send to the 5th EHBBC show in Mühlhausen, Germany:
- Platinum pastel PK female - 8th place female Iridescent class (Fem1)

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