Copper green oHM
(Bluebetta, Thailand)
Copper green HM
(Bluebetta, Thailand)
Sire: Copper/gold HM
(Magicbetta, Germany)
Dame: Metallic blue SD
(Magicbetta, Germany)

This pair could produce some nice offspring (F2) with some great finnage because of fantastic ray-splitting of both sire and dame. My friend Marcel (Magicbetta) had many HM and oHM offspring from this line, some even exhibit rosetail finnage!
This pair are sibblings of Magicbettas Best of show HM female and 2nd HM male (GBC show - Cologne, Germany 2004).

The Dame is also mother of spawn BT040904.


21/05/04: Pair spawned, eggs in the nest!
22/05/04: Looks like the male started to eat the eggs, probably inexperience.
23/05/04: Surprisingly some eggs hatched. The male made a nest at the other side of the breeding tank and stored some eggs there. Looks like he is taking care very well.
25/05/04: Fry in free swimming stage. Removed male.
31/05/04: Looks like there about 5 fry left which are growing on artemia!
20/06/04: There appear to be still 9 youngsters!! They are growing very fast and they are already showing some metallic shining!


10/07/04: Fry is now 7 weeks old. Jarred 2 fast developing males (see pictures)!


30/07/04: Fry is now 10 weeks old, here two males!


29/08/04: An update of the 2 males from above.

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