Copper/gold oHM
(Siamimbellis, Thailand)
Metallic blue SD

(Magicbetta, Germany)
Sire: Blue marble HM plakat

(Ploybettas, Thailand)
Dame: Platinum white SD
F1, BT040904
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The sire is a nice HM plakat showing an interesting marble pattern, he now changed to a mainly blue fish with some with clothes on the body and fins.
This pair is an outcross in order to set up a parallel line with plakat genes and to introduce the marble genes into my line. This pair could produce some nice offspring (F1) with some great finnage because of fantastic ray-splitting of both sire and dame. This pair will probably produce metallics with a possible marble pattern. Probably most fish will be long-finned but there is a chance some plakats will pop-up.

This spawn is from a similar combination as BT300105.


19/01/05: Pair spawned leaving a nice nest with eggs. During the day the male decided to move the nest to another place in the tank.


20/02/05: Looks like some fry hatched.
12/03/05: About 7 fry left and growing well on artemia.
09-03-05: Made a picture of one of the fry, now 3 weeks old and already showing some blue sheen:


27/03/05: There are still 7 fry left, which differ a bit in size. The are now moved to a bigger tank.


03/04/05: The fry are developing extremely fast!! They are now 6 weeks old.


03/04/05: Some of the fish were showing some red wash in the beginning which now all seems to be dissapeared. Could this be the red-loss gene at work?? No sign of marbling yet.
13/04/05: Jarred one male. It looks like this guy will stay short-finned, but I'm not sure yet. The caudal already shows a nice spread. The anal fin shows a slight butterfly pattern and in the caudal a bit of marbling is starting to appear. The females from this spawn (which are still in the grow-out tank) look very robust and seem to be plakat females.


22/04/05: The male from the picture above appears to be a longfin after all. He has developed a nice butterfly pattern around all three individual fins but is only delta. The females from this spawn however are developing really nice (see right picture above).
29/04/05: Made some pictures of to very nice females from this spawn. I will probably use them to set up a plakat line.


14/05/05: This spawn really keeps surprising me! The longer I look at these fish the more I start to like them. Some of the youngsters start to marble quite heavily now. The finnage still needs some work (caudals to rounded) but the genetics are there. Here are some more fish of this spawn:



30/05/05: Made some new pictures of a female and what turned out to be a plakat HM male:


12/06/05: The male from the above picture now also started to marble (not clearly visible on picture), but I really fell in love with this little guy (down left picture).


29/06/05: The male from the above picture is now havily marbling and is allmost completely white with some blue/black color patches on his body and head. I also made a picture of a marble female (right picture) with some nice potential.
12/07/05: Made a picture of the blue plakat male after he started to marble (left picture):


14/08/05: Made a new picture of this marble male which is now about 6 months old (right picture above).
09/10/05: I sent one fish of this spawn to the 4th EHBBC show in Duisburg, Germany:
- Blue marble HM PK male -
2nd place PK male Multi class (PK3)

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