Copper/gold oHM
(Siamimbellis, Thailand)
Metallic blue SD
(Magicbetta, Germany)
Sire: Copper black lace HM

(Bluebetta, Thailand)
Dame: Platinum white SD
F1, BT040904
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

he sire is showing a strong HM tail with rosetail features and shows a really nice black copper color. The female is a clean platinum white SD (nearly HM spread) from one of my best spawns uptill now.
The color of the offspring (F1) is going to be a total surprise because I don't have experience with the copper lace and a combination like this. This pair should produce some HMs (some showing rosetail features).

The Sire is already is father of two spawns with my friend Magicbetta in Germany and BT181204.


18/12/04: Pair spawned, initially this looks like a real bunch of eggs in the solid bubblenest! Looks like the sire ate some of the eggs during the day, but still some eggs left.
19/12/04: Eggs hatched. Looks like about 10-15 fry.


21/12/04: Fry in free-swimming stage, removed the sire.
01/01/05: Fry is growing well on artemia and now about 2 weeks old.


10/01/05: Their are about more fry then I thought, I think about 20-30. They are growing really good on artemia and start showing the first copper signs. All fry seem to be pigmented (no platinums) but no real signs of black yet.


14/01/05: The fry got their first portion of tubifex today. It seems like they are eating it very well. For the next couple of days this will be fed together with artemia.


20/01/05: The youngsters are eating tubifex and artemia now. They are growing really fast and their colors become more and more visible. There seems to be a black underlayer present with a copper/gold sheen on top.


24/01/05: The youngsters are now 5,5 week old.


30/01/05: The youngsters start to show a very nice copper/gold color (all fish have the same color). It looks like the first males start to show themselves.


01/02/05: Jarred the first 4 males. These fish were already really showing aggression towards each other and were dominating the grow-out tank.


12/02/05: The young fish are developing fast. The young males are already making big bubblenests. It looks like one young male is showing more black underground then the other ones.


16/02/05: Again made some pictures of two young males.


20/02/05: Made some pictures of two young females now 9 weeks old!


27/02/05: Some new pictures:


09/03/05: Again some new pictures (now 11,5 week old).


13/03/05: Again some pictures of two young females now 12 weeks old!


07/04/05: Made a picture of the best female from this spawn (left picture). She probably will be used for the F2 of this line. 


10/04/05: I finally succeeded to make a picture of the male is one of the candidates for the F2 of this line (right picture above).
22/04/05: 11 fish of this spawn went to the 3rd EHBBC show in Alzey, Germany:
- 4 Copper/gold HM males: They were placed 7th, 9th, 10th and 18th in the Iridescent HM male class.
- 7 Copper/gold females: They were placed 3th, 5th (3x), 8th, 10th and 19th in the Iridescent HM female class (see
awards section).

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