Silver Copper  HM PK

(Banleangbettas, Thailand)
Yellow dragon PK
(Dong, Thailand)
Sire: Copper red dragon HM PK
F1, BT170307
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Copper red dragon PK

F1, BT170307
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire is a great colored copper red dragon with a nice branching in the caudal. The Dame is a spawn sister with a nice full body. Both fish have a nice balanced appearance. 
The offspring (F2) will be a big surprise both finnage as colorwise. There is a good chance some dragons with intense thick scaling will show up here.
The finnage can range from traditional to HM PK.

The Dame is also mother of: BT050807.


17/10/07: Pair spawned. Looks like a nice amount of eggs in the nest.
18/10/07: The eggs hatched. Looks like a nice amount of youngsters hatched (see picture below). The sire is taking excellent care of them.

20/10/07: Youngsters in free-swimming stage. Removed the Sire.


11/11/07: The fry is now about 4 weeks old and are developing nicely:


01/12/07: The fry is now 6,5 week old and it seems like this spawn will also bring some black dragons:


28/12/07: The fry is now 10,5 weeks old. I have jarred the first males:


29/12/07: Made another picture of the left fish from above and an almost identical brother:


08/01/08: Update on both males from above, now 11,5 weeks old. I don't really know yet wat exactly to think of these fish. I love the the shape of the dorsal and anal but their caudal shows quite extensive branching and is really on the edge for me. The fact that they do not show the characteristic faults which are often seen in rosetails like asymmetrical scaling, pale color and small finnage is a positive thing. Before I decide whether I will use them in my breeding program they still need to develop a bit more. If I do decide to use them in my breeding program their future partners probably will be from an unrelated line with maximal 4-ray caudals in order to compensate their heavy branching.


17/02/08: The branching of the two rosetail males became too extensive as they further matured and therefore they will not be used for future breeding purposes. Found another nice male which shows a good color and balanced finnage. This male is now 17,5 weeks old and might be a nice candidate for future breeding purposes:

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