Sire: Silver copper mask HM PK
(Banleangbettas, Thailand)
Dame: Yellow dragon PK

(Dong, Thailand)

The Sire great balanced grey/silver copper mask HM PK which became 1st placed and reserve Best of Show at the 8th EHBBC show in Hannover, Germany. The female is a yellow dragon traditional PK with a very thick iridescent scaling on the body.
The offspring (F1) will be a big surprise both finnage as colorwise. I suspect there will be quite a lot of blue/red metallic multi offspring with some chance of some
light bodied fish or marbles popping up. The finnage can range from traditional to HM PK.

The Sire is also father of: BT100207B, BT080307 & BT010407.


17/03/07: Pair spawned.
18/03/07: The eggs hatched. Looks like a pawn of about 20 youngsters.
20/03/07: Youngsters in free-swimming stage. Removed the Sire.
27/03/07: The fry is feeding well on artemia and microworms.


08/04/07: The fry is now 3 weeks old and was moved to a bigger grow-out. So fare there is no sign of red wash yet.


21/04/07: The fry starts to show red in their finnage now and a goldish iridescence starts to develop on the body.


01/05/07: The youngster are developing nicely and showing quite some red in the finnage. Some fry show a more black under color and also the iridescence on the body ranges from very strong to a few scales. Made some pictures:


12/05/07: The youngsters are now 8 weeks old and developing nicely. I see the first males showing themselves and think I will have to start jarring soon. Some youngsters show a nice broad based dorsal. I'm really curious how the branching in the caudal will develop. Here some pictures:


13/05/07: Jarred the first male:


16/05/07: Two jarred males showing a great potential!


28/05/07: By now I have jarred 12 fish from this spawn........all males! There are still several fish in the grow-out but no sign of females yet.
I did find two very good young males which have an exceptional thick scaling and very good overall balance. Here a picture of one them:


08/06/07: Made a new picture of the above male and a female which is still in the grow-out tank:


17/07/07: Made a few nice pictures of a pair of dragons, now 17,5 week old, which I hope to breed for the second generation (F2) later this year (probably october).


17/10/07: I'm very happy that I managed to spawn the above pair for a F2 generation (BT050807). Meanwhile another one of the males of this spawn developed into a real stunner both color- as finnagewise. Here a picture of my pride and a new picture of the best femalem (photographed by Daniella & Patrick):

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