Royal Blue Piebald CT
(Breeder unknown)
Royal blue SD
(Dutchbettas, The Netherlands)
Sire: Cambodian multi CT

(Breeder unknown)
Dame: Royal blue CT
(Dutchbettas, The Netherlands)

Offspring of this spawn (F1) probably will be multicolor DR-CT and some Cambodian (multicolor?) DR-CT.


19/11/03: Very small spawn, only 7 fry in free swimming stage.
02/12/03: 7 fry are growing very fast on liquifry no.1 and artemia.
08/12/03: 7 fry are developing fast, colors become visible!
12/12/03: 6 fry developing fast and showing blue/red and melano features (terminated one because of crooked spine).
27/12/03: 4 DR-CT males developing fast (2x Cambodian white/red, 1x Royal blue/red and 1x Steel blue/red) and 2 females (1x Steel blue/red and 1x Cambodian blue/red)
28/12/03: Jarred the 4 DR-CT males.
08/01/04: The youngsters are developing in really nice colored DR-CT beauties.
18/01/04: 5 Fry left (4 males and 1 female), made pictures!



25/09/04: Two fish of this spawn went to the 1st EHBBC show:
- Multi CT male: 7th CT class (see left picture below).
- Multi CT male: 13th CT class (see right picture below).

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