Metallic blue HM PK
(Betta Territory, NL)
Metallic blue HM PK
(Betta Territory, NL)

Metallic blue HM PK
(Donny Adriaens, Belgium)

Metallic blue PK
(Donny Adriaens, Belgium)
Sire: Metallic steel blue mask HM PK
F2, BT17107B
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Black lace Turquoise HM PK
Donny Adriaens, Belgium)

The Sire is a metallic steel blue mask with great finnage: the caudal shows a good spread, branching and sharp edges; the dorsal has a good shape with a broad base;  The anal fin is nicely sloped towards a point and the ventrals have a great shape and volume. The female was bred by my friend Donny Adriaens from Belgium and shows a great color and finnage. Her dorsal also is quite broad and I hope to fix this trait in the offspring. Donny Adriaens and me have been exchanging fish for several years now and therefore it is nice to know that the background of the Dame is connected to my own line by two fish.
The offspring (F1) will be HM PK. The colors will probably range from metallic blue with a possibility of an underlying black color or blacks popping up.


15/05/08: Pair spawned. Looks like there are many eggs clustered in the bubblenest.


16/05/08: Initially I thought the Sire ate the eggs but it appeared he kept them very well hidden inside the bubblenest. Looks like ~30-50 youngsters hatched.
18/05/08: The youngsters are in the free-swimming stage. The Sire was removed.
20/05/08: The fry is feeding well on artemia/BBS.
21/06/08: The fry is now 6 weeks old and there are about 50 fry left! Moved the fry to a bigger grow-out tank in order to promote a better development.


21/07/08: The fry is now 9,5 weeks old and picking up a good growth now after a slow start. The fact that all fry are royal blues, means that the female must have been turquoise-based as the male was a heterozygous metallic steel blue without any doubt. I jarred the first two males of this spawn:


27/07/08: Jarred another young male with a very good potential!


11/08/08: Some pictures of some jarred males!


01/09/08: Time for an update!


09/09/08: Again some pictures of the two males from above and some females of this spawn.



12/10/08: Five males from this spawn were send to the 11th EHBBC show in Duisburg, Germany. Two of them won prices:
1st place Solid color asymmetrical show PK class
2nd place Solid color asymmetrical show PK class


26/11/08: A potential breeding pair!


09/02/09: One male from this spawn was send to the 12th EHBBC show in Hannover, Germany and won a price:
1st place Solid color asymmetrical show PK class

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