Sire: Blackface yellow/opaque SD

(Marion Schultheiss, Germany)
Dame: Yellow/opaque SD

(Marion Schultheiss, Germany)

he Betta Territory had this pair on loan from MickaŽl and Angeliek (the Netherlands). Offspring of this spawn (F1) hopefully will be yellow and yellow/opaque. This pair could produce some offspring with nice finnage because of great ray-splitting of both sire and dame.


14/02/04: Looks like lots of eggs in the nest!
15/02/04: Eggs hatched! Looks like there are many fry. Sire is taking care very well.
17/02/04: Fry in free-swimming stage. Removed male.
19/02/04: Made some pictures of four days old fry feeding on artemia.



01/03/04: Made some pictures of the biggest fry.


26/03/04: Fry growing steady! Moved to grow-out tank!



03/04/04: The youngsters (about 60 left) are divided over two grow-out tanks. The youngsters start to show color and their first ray-splitting. Looks like there are yellows and yellow/opaques in this spawn.
10/04/04: Jarred 6 males.
14/04/04: Made some pictures of 8 week old fry......



02/05/04: Fry is now 11 weeks old!


21/06/04: Made some new pictures of the 2 best males:

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