(Michel Stokkelaar, NL)
(Betta Territory, NL)
Darkbody red CT
(Joty Atmadjaja, Indonesia)
Cambodian red HM PK
(Betta Territory, NL)
F1, BT050611
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Red Combtail
F1, BT120711
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire is cambodian-based extended red HMPK with a strong body, strong peduncle and good mouth-to-dorsal topline. His caudal fin is nicely D-shaped with sharp corners but ideally could be a bit bigger in size (slightly longer ray-lenght). His parallel is nicely parallel to the body and a broad-based dorsal of which the first rays ideally should be longer. His color is really intense red with a bit too much iridescence. The Dame is a darkbodied extended red combtail which is related to my red HMPK line through her mother. Her color is really intense red with hardly any signs of iridescence.
The offspring (F1) will be either darkbodied or cambodian based extended red with a chance of both long- as shortfinned fish popping up. Some of the fry might show some slight reductions in webbing.


11/02/12: The pair spawned!


12/02/12: The fry hatched.
14/02/12: Fry in the free-swimming stage, removed the father.
25/02/12: The fry is now 2 weeks old and feeding well on BBS.
28/02/12: Managed to make a picture of a 2.5 week old fry:


18/03/12: The fry is now 5 weeks old.


06/04/12: The fry is now 8 weeks old.


29/04/12: The fry is now 11 weeks old and developing nicely. Some show nice broad dorsals and a very nice intense red color.


12/05/12: The fry is now 13 weeks old.


29/05/12: The fry are now 16 weeks old. Jarred the first males, here an impression of a light- and darkbodied extended red HMPK male:


11/06/12: Two newly jarred males now 18 weeks old.


11/06/12: Four males now 23 weeks old. These fish clearly are not showfish yet but do have a great potential. I personally am very happy with the finnage (especially the branching in the caudal), especially considering the fact that their grandfather from the mother's side was a CT. But off course there are also many points which need attention such as mouth-to-dorsal topline, the color and overall balance.


02/12/12: Two intense red darkbodied females now 42 weeks old.


17/12/12: A darkbodied red potential breeding pair, now 44 weeks old.

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