Steel blue mask HM PK
(Betta Territory, NL)
Metallic royal blue HM PK
(Betta Territory, NL)
Sire: Grey copper mask HM PK
(Banleangbettas, Thailand)
Dame: Metallic steel blue HM PK
F1, BT050706
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire great balanced grey/silver copper mask HM PK which became 1st placed and reserve Best of Show at the 8th EHBBC show in Hannover, Germany. I'm very curious whether this color will be inherited. The color could be caused by the presence of opaque and/or blonde genes. The female is metallic steel blue HM PK with some mask features and is a F1 from my line.
The offspring (F1) will be HM PK with a chance of getting DT PKs. The colors are probably metallic steel blue and (grey?) copper/gold with some chance of some
light bodied fish or marbles popping up. 

The Sire is also father of: BT080307, BT170307 & BT010407.


10/02/07: Pair spawned. The dame was pretty damaged finnage-wise.
11/02/07: The eggs hatched. Looks like a medium spawn of about 10-20 youngsters.
13/01/07: Youngsters in free-swimming stage. Removed the Sire.
30/02/07: Moved the youngsters to a bigger grow-out.
19/03/07: The youngsters are now about 1 month old and growing really good on bloodworms and tubifex. The fries are all metallic steel blue and copper/gold colored.


27/03/07: Two fry now 6 weeks old:


08/04/07: The fry is developing really nicely and is now 8 weeks old. I think I will have to jar the first males within 2-3 weeks. Some fry start marbling.


13/04/07: Today I jarred the first male from this spawn (see left picture down). His caudal is starting to branch to 4-ray and already spreads to 180 degrees. I hope his anal will stay nicely balanced like this.


15/04/07: Jarred another youngster (see right picture above). This youngster is showing some rosetail branching and irregular scaling on the body but shows an exceptional good balance. I'm not a big rosetail fan but I'm curious how he will grow out further.


21/04/07: Jarred I now jarred 5 young males and 2 females from this spawn. Here two pictures of a blue and a marble one:


01/05/07: The youngsters of this spawn look superb!! Made some pictures of two promising oHM PK male and two HM PKfemales:


13/05/07: All fish of this spawn are now jarred. More than half of them are females. It seems I have about 5 males left from which I especially like the following guys:


17/07/07: Some new pictures of a possible breeder pair, now 22,5 week old.

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