Copper/gold HM PK
(Betta Territory)
Copper/gold HM PK
(Betta Territory)
Metallic blue HM PK
(Bluebetta - Thailand)
Metallic blue SD

(Bluebetta - Thailand)
Sire: Copper/gold HM PK
F2, BT170905B
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Steel blue PK
(Annieka Holdinga, The Netherlands)

The Sire is a copper/gold HM PK from the F2 generation of my showwinning PK line. This male has a very good oHM caudal spread with 8-ray branching, a full dorsal and full ventrals. The Dame is a normal (non-metallic) steel blue (blbl) female which was bred by Annieka Holdinga. This line goes back on fish bred by Bluebetta and is characterized by the strong caudal branching and nicely shaped anal finnage.
The offspring (F1) will be short-finned and there is a chance some HM PKs will pop-up. The color of the fry will mainly be copper/gold or metallic steel blue with some chance of platinum whites. There might be a chance some DTs pop-up (don't know if the female is DT-carrier). 

The sire is also father of: BT211006


10/02/06: Pair spawned, only a little amount of eggs are there.
11/02/06: The eggs hatched, ~10 fry spotted in the bubblenest.
13/02/06: Free in free-swimming stage. Removed the Sire.
21/02/06: The fry is growing very well on microworms and artemia. There are already some DTs spotted in this small spawn.
17/03/06: All fish from this spawn are steel blue colored. This indicates that the Dame has to be a normal (non-metallic) steel blue. Because the Dame also had some copper colored sibblings this means that the parents of the Dame were heterozygotic metallics. This also means that all the fish from this spawn are heterozygotic metallic steel blues (blbl +nms). The fry are now feeding well on tubifex.
12/04/06: The fry is now 8,5 weeks ols. I jarred the first males, they already show a very nice raysplitting.


20/04/06: Update of the male I jarred 1,5 week ago (right picture). This male shows a very nice full dorsal, a good raysplitting in the caudal and 70-80% masking.
10/05/06: The youngsters are now 12,5 week old and looking great! There are some very nice balanced HM PK males and some nice females. Here are some new pictures:


28/05/06: This male is my favorite:


17/07/06: 2 fish of this spawn were send to the 3rd GBC show in Cologne, Germany:
- Metallic blue HM PK male - 3rd place PK class
- Metallic blue DT PK female - 1st place female AOC class + Best of Show female

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