Sire: Red HM PK
(Satornbetta, Thailand)
Dame: Red PK
(Satornbetta, Thailand)

The Sire is a great intense red HM PK. He is an F3 from a strong HM PK line. He has a bit of a spoonhead but I hope to solve this in the generations to come. The Dame is nice clean red with a broad dorsal but also shows a slight dip in the head. She is an F2 from a symmetrical PK line.
The offspring (F1) will be 100& red with a good chance of HM PKs popping up.


09/06/07: Pair spawned. Looks like >100 eggs in the huge and thick nest.
10/06/07: Looks like the male has eaten a lot of the eggs but luckily several remaining eggs hatched.
12/06/07: Youngsters in free-swimming stage. Removed the Sire. I decided to transfer the fry to a small tanks floating in a bigger one. This has the advantage that the fry has a good access to the food and they are easy to clean.
13/06/07: The fry is feeding well on BBS/artemia.
31/07/07: There are 4 fry left which are starting to show red color in their finnage.


21/08/07: The remaining 4 fry are growing very nice. There are 3 females and 1 male. The male already starts to show a great color but also shows a spoonhead (not really surprising considering the fact both parents showed this trait a bit). The females seem to have a much better bodyshape.


20/09/07: The youngster of this spawn are now 15 weeks old. The female have nicely strong bodies with nice finnage. The male shows a great red color and finnage but has a very bad topline.

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