Darkbody orange HM PK
(Eugenio Fornasiero, Italy)

(Betta Territory, NL)
Darkbody red HM PK

(Matthias Polzin, Germany)
Red combtail
(Betta Territory, NL)
Sire: Darkbody red HM PK

(Eugenio Fornasiero, Italy)
Dame: Red HM PK
(Arie de Koning, The Netherlands)

The Sire is darkbody extended red HMPK bred by my friend Eugenio Fornasiero from Italy. This fish descents from a cross between a red DTPK female from one of my spawns (BT030112) and a orange HMPK male (5th place at the Holland Betta Show 2012) from Eugenio's line which is Siamimbellis based. The male shows a nice strong body with a smooth mouth-to-dorsal topline. He has a good D-shaped caudal fin with sharp corners, a broad-based dorsal fin, nice shaped anal fin and nice single tipped ventral fins. The Dame is an cambodian-based extended red HMPK with an interesting mixed background. Her mother descents from one an outcross of my red HMPK line to a crowntail  (BT120711) which then was crossed back to a HMPK by my friend Arie de Koning. 
With this cross I hope to fix the strong bodies, smooth topline, balanced finnage. The offspring (F1) will be both dark- and lightbody extended red iridescent HMPKs.   


06/07/13: The pair spawned.
07/07/13: The fry hatched. Seems to be a small spawn.
09/07/13: The fry entered the free-swimming stage. Removed the male.
10/07/13: The fry is feeding well on vinegar eels and BBS, looks like a big spawn!


12/08/13: 5 weeks old. The spawn was split over two spawning tanks to promote the growing process. There is a 50/50 distribution of dark- and lightbodied fry.


25/08/13: 7 weeks old.


06/09/13: At 9 weeks old, the fry of both spawning tanks were combined again into one bigger grow-out.


30/09/13: Bunch of reds, now 12 weeks old.


09/10/13: Bunch of reds, now 14 weeks old.


05/11/13: The fry is now 18 weeks old. I have divided this spawn over two grow-out tanks based on their size, to get an impression of how many there are left here a picture of both tanks:


26/11/13: The fry is now 20 weeks old and I have jarred several males of this spawn in the last 2 weeks. Here a picture of two young males:


15/12/13: Two more males, 23 weeks old.


20/01/14: Two males now 29 weeks old:


16/03/14: Two males now 36 weeks old:


01/06/14: Potential breeder female now 43 weeks old:

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