Black/yellow VT
(Betta Territory, NL)
Black VT
(Betta Territory, NL)
Sire: Orange dalmatian
F3, BT310816
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Darkbody orange VT

(Sumet Chaonahuitak, Thailand)



The Sire is third generation (F3) darkbody orange dalmatian VT male of my own line. He shows minimal iridescence on the body and finnage. Finnagewise, his caudal fin could be a bit longer. The Dame is darkbody orange VT female which was imported from Thailand. She she has a nice bodyshape with a smooth topline and nice shaped finnage.
With this cross I hope to obtain offspring with strong bodies, smooth topline and balanced finnage.
The offspring (F1) likely will be dark-, lightbody red, orange and/or yellow with a chance of dalmatians to pop up.


06/05/17: The pair spawned.
07/05/17: The fry hatched, seems to be a small spawn.
08/05/17: The fry entered the free-swimming stage. Removed the male.
10/05/17: The fry is feeding well on vinegar eels and BBS.
15/08/17: 15 weeks old! Some fish turned out slightly shortbodied, but also jarred some young males with a good potential. Below an impression of two red VT brothers. So far I did not spot any female though......


16/09/17: Update on the two red males from last month and four other brothers. Looks like there are two females in this spawn afterall!


28/10/17: Only have 3 females in this spawn. A darkbody red, a darkbody orange dalmatian and a darkbody yellow. They are now 25 weeks old.


26/11/17: 29 weeks old VT brothers!


18/12/17: 32 weeks old VT brothers!


13/01/18: 36 week old orange dalmatian VT male!


13/01/18: 37 week old darkbody yellow VT male!

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