Red Traditional PK
(Hermanus, Indonesia)
Red Traditional PK
(Daniella Vereeken, Belgium)
Sire: Red HM

(Siamimbellis, Thailand)
Dame: Red Traditional PK

(Daniella Vereeken, Belgium)

The Sire great balanced red HM male from one of the best breeders of the world. The Dame is a red traditional PK with a great intense red color and carries blood of both Hermanus Haryantos and Dongs red traditional PK lines.  
The offspring (F1) will probably be longfinned with a small chance of HMs popping up. The chance that PKs will pop up are very small as it is very unlikely that the male carries PK but all offspring will be PK carrier.


06/05/07: Pair spawned but only shortly resulting in a very small amount of eggs in the nest.
07/05/07: Initially I thought all the eggs were gone but I was very happy to see a few youngsters hatched!
09/05/07: 9 youngsters entered the free-swimming stage. Removed the Sire.
12/05/07: The youngsters are feeding well on artemia. As the spawn is very small I decided to transfer the fry to two small tanks floating in a bigger one. This has the advantage that the fry has a good access to the food and they are easy to clean.


08/06/07: There are 5 youngsters left from this spawn which are growing very well.Their body is still flesh colored but their finnage starts to show a nice intense red color.


17/07/07: There are now 5 youngsters left which are now about 10 weeks old. There is one male clearly dominant but I think there is another one present. One female already shows eggs to be present. The red color of the males is also now becoming more intense on the body.


30/07/07: What a surprise! I just returned from an 8-day holiday and found 2 nests with fry and several fry in the free-swimming stage. Both male spawned several times with the three females and took excellent care of the nest. More on this can be found by clicking here: BTXX0707.
01/07/07: I jarred the 3 females and one male. The last male is still taking care of his nest.
03/07/07: I also jarred the last male after his fry entered the free-swimming stage.


20/09/07: Here a picture of the male I kept from this spawn:

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