Royal blue HM PK

(Stingrays, Singapore)


Copper/gold PK

(Betta Territory)

Platinum white HM PK
(Betta Territory)
Metallic blue SD

(Betta Territory)
Metallic royal blue
F1, BT051105B
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Copper/gold PK
F1, BT210505
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire is vital heterozygotic metallic royal blue (Blbl +nms) (o)HM plakat  with a good balanced appearance. The dame is a copper/gold  (blbl ++) PK female. This paring is a backcross from son to mother to fix the traits of my original HM PK line. Both fish are from excellent spawns which made me "Master of exhibition" twice at the EHBBC show in Germany.
The offspring (F1) will be short-finned with a high chance of HM PKs. The color of the fry will mainly be copper/gold or metallic steel or royal blue with some chance of platinum whites and marbles. There is a good chance of DTs popping up. 

The sire is also father of: BT110306.
The Dame is also mother of
BT051105B & BT170905B


I spawned this pair twice. The first time they spawned on 06/05/06. There were <10 fry from which a few were showing rosetail traits after culling these there are 5 fry left (2 copper and 3 platinum). One platinum seems to be some sort of a fused fin DT which almost looks like a tripletail. Out of curiousity I have decided not to cull this fish.
The second time they spawned at 08/06/06. This spawn seems a bit bigger with about ~10-15 fry.


06/06/06: Two youngsters of the first spawn now 5,5 weeks old. The white youngster on the right picture seems to be fused-fin DT which almost looks like a triple-tail. Out of curiousity I've decided to see how he develops further.


12/06/06: Again some better pictures from these two fries now 6 weeks old. The youngsters are now moved to a bigger grow-out. The fused-fin DT seems to show some rosetail characteristics on the body.


18/06/06: A picture of a young fry of the second spawn, now 1,5 weeks old. And a picture of the biggest copper male from the first spawn, now 6,5 weeks old.


26/06/06: Jarred the first male of the first spawn. This guy shows a great full body with good full dorsal finnage. The other picture shows a young platinum male of the same spawn which is still in the grow-out tank.


14/07/06: Here some youngsters from the second spawn. In contrary to the first spawn, this one luckily did not throw any rosetail. There are a few DTs with some nice distributed lobes.


12/08/06: The second spawn (BT080606) seems to be an all female spawn:

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