Platinum white oHM PK
(Betta Territory, NL)
Metallic blue SD
(Betta Territory, NL)
Sire: Metallic marble HM PK

(TM Walet, Indonesia)
Dame: Platinum white PK
F1, BT210505
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The sire is a metallic marble 4-ray HM plakat. This plakat is showing an ithickest metallic layer I have ever seen. The dame is a allmost completely clean platinum white (4-ray) PK female. This outcross is an experiment and the offspring (F1) will be a total surprise. I hope the youngsters will show some of the thick iridescence of their father.

The Dame is also mother of BT170905A.


05/11/05: Pair spawned. 
06/11/05: The eggs hatched. The Sire is taking excellent care of them.
08/11/05: Fry in free-swimming stage, removed the Sire.
09/11/05: The fry is feeding very well on microworms and artemia!
18/11/05: Made some pictures of the fry now about 2 weeks old.


30/11/05: The majority seems to be many light-bodied. The fry is developing nicely and already starts to show some iridescence, I really hope some of them will show this thick layer of the father. Because of their rapid growth they were moved to a bigger outgrow tank today.


10/12/05: The fry is now 5 weeks old and developing fast.


18/12/05: The fry is now 6 weeks old. The darkbodied fish seem to become metallic green mask fish showing a strong type of iridescence. The lightbodied fish also show this for some part. Some fry show a bit of red wash.


31/12/05: Jarred the first males.
01/01/06: Here two males with some nice potential. They are only 8 weeks old and already showing a very nice caudal spread and interesting iridescent layer.


07/01/06: Small update on the above two males!


17/01/06: The following male really is unique in this spawn becvause he shows really good balanced HM PK finnage, an awsome thick metallic blue color and is allmost full mask!!


25/01/06: Made some more pictures of fish from this spawn.


26/02/06: Made a picture of a full mask HM PK of this spawn. If everything goes well this male will be my breeder for the next generation.


01/03/06: Two females from this spawn:


10/04/05: 2 fish of this spawn was send to the 5th EHBBC show in Mühlhausen, Germany:
- Metallic blue mask HM PK male - 5th place PK male Iridescent class (PK1)
- Platinum white female PK female - 7th place female Iridescent class (Fem1)


17/07/06: 1 female of this spawn were send to the 3rd GBC show in Cologne, Germany:

- Metallic blue mask PK female - 3nd place female dark solid color class

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