Silver Copper  HM PK
(Banleangbettas, Thailand)
Yellow dragon PK
(Dong, Thailand)
Sire: Copper red dragon HM PK
F1, BT170307
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Copper red dragon PK

F1, BT170307
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire is a great colored copper red dragon with a nice branching in the caudal. The Dame is a spawn sister with a nice full body and balanced appearance.
The offspring (F2) will be a big surprise both finnage as colorwise. There is a good chance some dragons with intense thick scaling will show up here.
The finnage can range from traditional to HM PK.

The Dame is also mother of: BT171007A.


04/08/07: Pair spawned. Looks like a nice amount of eggs in the nest (lower left picture). The male was very gentle for the female and she left the spawningtank without a scratch!
05/08/07: The eggs hatched. Looks like a spawn of about 50 youngsters (lower right picture). The sire is taking excellent care of them.


02/09/07: The fry is growing very well. There are both light as darkbodied fry. Found a very interesting darkbodied fry which already shows some really shiny scaling:


17/10/07: Time for an update after a busy time because of work! The youngsters are now 10 weeks old and developed great in Belgium under the loving care of Daniella and Patrick ( I was surprised to see that I had to cull a few quite extreme rosetails from this spawn, especially considering the fact that both grandparents and the F1 generation, did not show any signs of this. This clearly indicates how carefull we should be with this trait.
Further, this spawn gave many different colors varying from copper, cambodian, white and even black dragons. Some fry even show some yellow in the finnage. I jarred the first few males and succeeded to make a picture of a young copper/red dragon with a nice potential (see left picture below):


18/10/07: Succeed to make a picture of one of the black dragons from this spawn (see right picture above). I totally love this color!!
24/10/07: Made some more pictures of some jarred males:



30/10/07: In total I have jarred about 20 fish from this spawn. As expected, the tailtypes range from traditional, transitional and HM PKs. These guys are extremely vital and fast and are very difficult to photograph. I succeeded to make a picture of the two best fish so far, both black dragons:


11/11/07: Made some pictures of 3 newly jarred males and one of the black dragon posted above:



28/11/07: Made some new pictures. All the young males are now jarred and the females are still in the grow-out tank. I was happy to see one black dragon female in the grow-out! I'm very surprised to see this good quality finnage already in the F2 generation considering the fact that their grandmother was a traditional PK.


14/02/08: Found an interesting female from this spawn. She seems to be black lace but unlike most fish of this spawn the metallic scaling is not so thick and dominant. The body has a nice volume and the finnage looks promising:


17/02/08: Made some of a pair which I will try to breed for the next generation in the coming months:

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