Copper/gold HM PK
(Betta Territory, NL)


Steel blue PK

(Annieka Holdinga, NL)

Royal blue HM PK

(Stingrays, Singapore)
Copper/gold PK

(Betta Territory, NL)
Steel blue mask
F1, BT100206A
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)
Dame: Metallic royal blue HM PK
F1, BT051105B
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire is vital heterozygotic steel blue (blbl +nm) HM plakat  with a good balanced appearance and strong caudal with good raysplitting. The dame is a  heterozygotic royal blue (Blbl +nm) PK female. This spawn is a good example of linebreeding as the mother of the female is the grandmother of the male used in this spawn.
The offspring (F2) will be HM PK with a chance of getting DT PKs. Colorwise the outcome of this spawn should theoretically be as follows:

12.5% Steel blue (blbl nmnm), 12.5% Royal blue (Blbl nmnm), 25% Heterozygous metallic steel blue (blbl + nm, 25% Heterozygous metallic royal blue (Blbl +nm), 12.5% Copper (blbl ++), 12.5% Teal (Blbl ++). There is a chance some marbles pop-up. 


05/07/06: Pair spawned. Seems like a nice amount of eggs in the nest:

06/07/06: The eggs hatched. Seem like this is a pretty big spawn. The Sire doing an excellent job!
08/07/06: Fry in free-swimming stage. Removed the sire.
12/07/06: Made a picture of the 1 week old fry:

27/07/06: The fry is now 3 weeks old and growing well on artemia. There are also some DTs spotted!
29/07/06: Moved the fry to a bigger grow-out. Here are all of them:


12/08/06: The fry is growing very well on a mix of tubifex and artemia. There are several DTs spotted in this spawn. The colors started also started to show (metallic blues and coppers).


12/08/06: The fry is developing nicely. There are several marbles popping up. I have seperated several males. Made some pictures of the fry now 10 weeks old.


27/10/06: This spawn has really produced some great quality fish:


08/11/06: Made some new pictures of some males:



25/11/06: Time for an update of the youngsters of this spawn, now 20 weeks old. Found a nice male in my dripsystem with a nice potential (first row, right picture):


06/01/07: Several  fish from this spawn were send to the 7th EHBBC show in Sindelfingen, Germany:
- Copper PK female - 1st place PK female class + Best of Show female
Copper PK female - 3rd place PK female class


06/01/07: Two potential breeders from this spawn:


05/02/07: Two potential breeders from this spawn:


05/03/07: 2 fish of this spawn was send to the 8th EHBBC show in Hannover, Germany:

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