Copper green oHM
(Bluebetta, Thailand)
Copper green HM
(Bluebetta, Thailand)
Sire: Copper/gold oHM
(Siamimbellis, Thailand)
Dame: Metallic blue SD
(Magicbetta, Germany)

This pair could produce some nice offspring (F1) with some great finnage because of fantastic ray-splitting of both sire and dame. This outcross was selected in order to improve the finnage. The dame is a sibbling of Magicbettas Best of show HM female and 2nd HM male (GBC show - Cologne, Germany 2004).
This pair can produce both long-finned and plakat metallics, copper/golds and platinum whites. There is a chance some DTs will pop-up.

The Sire is also father of BT240404.
The Dame is also mother of BT210504


04/09/04: Pair spawned and the male is taking care of the eggs very well.


05/09/04: Eggs hatched!
06/09/04: Fry vertically hanging under the nest. The Sire is taking care very well.


07/09/04: Fry in free swimming stage. The male is removed.
10/09/04: Fry feeding well on artemia.
13/09/04: Looks like there are some DT fry in this spawn!! This means that both parents must have DT genes!!


20/09/04: Fry is growing really well. There could be some platinums in this spawn because there are a lot of light bodied fry. Made a pictures of a DT fry and a light bodied fry.


29/09/04: The fry is now 3,5 week old and growing steady. It looks like there are metallic blues, copper/golds and platinums in this spawn.


02/10/04: Fry now 4 weeks old.........made a picture of one of the fry showing already an extensive ray-splitting. This probably indicates rosetail finnage.


14/10/04: Fry now 5,5 weeks old and developing very fast. Here they are feeding on live tubifex!


21/10/04: Fry now 6,5 weeks old. Made some new pictures! With a special thanks to Eelzuhtjuh (Ilse) for making these pictures with her Canon EOS 300D.



24/10/04: Fry now 7 weeks old. I seperated the first three males. Two of them already show a 180 degree spread.
28/10/04: Jarred some more fish. Made two picturs of young males: A platinum white with red and of a copper green mask male, both are now 7,5 weeks old.


07/11/04: Just can't get enough of them.........had to show some more pictures.


09/11/04: Made another picture of a platinum white male which I personally think has a good potential. He's now 9,5 weeks old but he still needs a lot of development.


11/11/04: Fry 10 weeks old:



11/11/04: Fry 11 weeks old:



30/11/04: Made some new pictures of my favorites, now 13 weeks old.



12/12/04: Looks like this platinum white male is going to be the breeder for the next generation.

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