Sire: Royal blue HM
(Marion Schultheiss, Germany)
Dame: Royalblue SD
(Marion Schultheiss, Germany)

Offspring of this spawn (F2) probably will be Royal blue, Turquoise and Steel fry. Probably some DT fry will pop up because there were some DTs in the F1. This pair should also produce some good quality HMs.


04/01/04: Fry hatched. Hope the sire can keep up bringing the falling fry back into the nest!
06/01/04: Fry in free swimming stage (don't know how many).
11/01/04: Fry growing good on artemia!
18/01/04: Looks like there are about 20-30 youngsters. Made a picture of 2 week old fry (left picture).
22/01/04: Fry is now showing some bleuish color. Made a picture of fry eating artemia (right picture).



01/03/04: Made some pictures of the biggest fry.


12/02/04: Spawn divided over 2 tanks (counted about 30-35 fry!)
14/02/04: Fry is now 6 weeks, made some new pictures!!


01/03/04: Jarred 20 males. Made pictures of 8 week old fry.


05/03/04: Had to make some new pictures.......


14/03/04: Again some new pictures..


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