Melano copper HM PK
(Magicbetta, Germany)

No picture

Black lace PK

(Donny Adriaens, Belgium)

Blue marble HM plakat
(Ploybettas, Thailand)

Platinum white SD
(Betta Territory, NL)
Sire: Metallic blue marble PK
(Donny Adriaens, Belgium)
Dame: Metallic blue SD
F1, BT200205
(Betta Territory, The Netherlands)

The Sire is very vital metallic blue marble PK (4-ray) which carries both melano black and black lace which also has some fighter blood in his background. The dame is a metallic blue SD (showing some masking) which is carrying both plakat as marble genes.
The offspring (F1) probably will be short-finned and there is a chance some HM PKs will pop-up. The color of the fry can be metallic blue, platinum white, copper/gold maybe with some degree of marbling showing up as they get older.

The Dame is also mother of BT210505


02/07/05: Pair spawned. The male has build a wonderfull nest underneath the
styrofoam and is guarding the eggs very well!
03/07/05: The eggs hatched. The fry is hanging strongly underneath the bubblenest. The sire is taking excellent care of them.
05/07/05: Fry in the free-swimming stage, the father is removed. It looks like there are ~50 fry.
12/07/05: The fry seems to be very strong and is growing very well on artemia.


05/08/05: The fry is now placed in a bigger tank and some size-differences are starting to appear among the fry. There seem to be both light as dark colored fry, but no clear colors yet. Made some pictures of two fry:


14/08/05: The fry is now about 6 weeks old and is starting to show some colors now (some with red wash).


27/08/05: The fry is now about 8 weeks old and growing well. I've divided the spawn over two 60 cm tanks. The colors are showing no very well and ranging from dark blue (with a dark underlayer) to platinum whites. I even seems there are some black and white marbles appearing!


25/09/05: The youngsters of these spawn developed into fish with very nice metallic colors and very strong bodies. Most of the fish from this spawn appear to be females. Here some pictures of two of the few males I've found:


11/10/05: Made some new pictures of a copper/gold male and a marble female (now ~14 weeks old):


17/01/06: I kept this female because she shows a very interesting color pattern. She is copper but clearly shows an underlying black color.

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